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Glowforge is working with medical institutions who need a Glowforge for prototyping.  

We have a limited number of refurbished units available at a discounted rate to medical teams developing products to respond to COVID-19.  

If you know of COVID-19 efforts that could benefit, please help us get the word out.

Sign up here to be paired with people on the front line who need your donations of Ear Savers.

Sign up here to be paired with local makers who can fabricate free Ear Savers for you and your team.

Join the discussion board to learn about designs you can build, medical professionals in need of help, share opportunities, and more.

Making Medical Equipment, Together

Help medical professionals tap into tools and know-how from within the maker community to bring laser-cut solutions into the fight against COVID-19.

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The 2 Million Essential Ears Initiative. Together, we can help a million frontline workers.

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